Our Livestock

The Dickinson College Farm manages its grass-fed livestock using a rotational grazing program. All of the livestock are raised on pasture, eating only grass, clovers, and wild herbs for their nutritional needs, supplemented by stored hay in the winter months. Our cattle are never fed corn, soybeans, other grains, or any growth promoting substances. Grass-fed cattle improve the farm’s soil through managed grazing, all the while gaining nutrition and health from the fresh air and clean diet of our pastures.

Farm Apprentices and student farmers actively manage the livestock, caring for them daily by ensuring that they have ample access to fresh grass, water and shade throughout the year. Their care and love for the animals is reflected in the relationships that they foster with our cows, sheep and chickens over the course of their time at the farm.

The Dickinson College Farm is proud to provide grass-fed, humanely-raised meat and eggs for the campus community. We hope that our efforts to care for, respect and love these animals is reflected in the quality of our animal products. In recognition of our efforts to provide exemplary care for our livestock, we have begun the process of certification through the Animal Welfare Approved program, and anticipate gaining the AWA seal of approval this coming spring. Farm customers are welcome to visit the livestock and ask the farm crew about how the animals are raised.

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