Education and Outreach Coordinator Position

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2021-2022 Education and Outreach Coordinator Description

2021-2022 Education and Outreach Coordinator Application 




This yearlong, full-time position will afford a Dickinson graduate with a unique opportunity to continue their connection with the College Farm and local food initiatives while developing professional skills in educational programming, program management and communications. Recent graduates who are self directed and have a vested interest in food-related issues and campus-based programming will thrive in this position. The Education & Outreach Coordinator will be supervised by the Farm’s Director who will ensure the position’s success through empowerment and support.

Responsibilities of this position:

The Education and Outreach Coordinator is responsible for playing a supportive role in the education programs team and creating outreach programming to engage the Dickinson campus and local food community.

This position supports student educators who are in charge of the Farm Cook Eat and Sustainable Earth Education (SEED) programs. Education responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating with LeTort Elementary school (Farm, Cook, Eat) and other schools and groups (SEED)
  • Advertising SEED programs
  • Offering ongoing support to student educators through periodic meetings and troubleshooting
  • Offering student educators opportunities for growth and learning

This position works to connect the Dickinson College campus to the College Farm and local food community, and to cultivate the farm community. Outreach responsibilities include:

  • Updating social media
  • Staying in touch with farm alumni
  • Creating programming on-campus and on the farm
  • Overseeing and helping coordinate existing farm programming
  • Acting as a liaison between the College Farm and the Dickinson Dining Services on topics such as local food labeling and marketing

The Coordinator also supports the Farm with hands-on field work in the winter and summer months. Due to this position’s responsibility for program planning, working on weekends and evenings is a regular occurrence. Comp time is available, but having an open mind and being flexible with your schedule is crucial for this position. 

A day in the life: 

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Every day in this position is different. Some days are spent out on the farm, covered in mud and helping with harvest or working with livestock while other days are spent in the office, keeping up with emails and planning future programming. The position has a combination of days spent independently and as a member of the crew. There is not a single day that is similar to the next, yet somehow, everything seems to always work out and by the end of the semester you’re able to look back and be proud of everything you’ve accomplished. You’ll meet people from all areas of campus through this position and be able to make new connections every week.