Uni Bremen Yearbook Featuring Dickinson

On February 23, 2016, the University of Bremen proudly presented its Yearbook 2015 and celebrated it with a reception. Since the focus of this yearbook is “cooperation,” it highlights Dickinson College as one of the most esteemed partners and as an example of very fruitful cooperation. Please find the article on the Dickinson Durden Bremen Program here:

UB Jahrbuch 2015 Dickinson

And here, you can read the entire yearbook:

UB091_Jahrbuch2015_komplett_WEB – Kopie

Additionally, a film was presented at the reception, which entails interviews with the most important partners of Uni Bremen – and Dickinson is featured here as well, in interviews with the student Madison Alley, with President Nancy Roseman, former Rector Wilfried Müller, and head of the International Office, Annette Lang (starting at 6:15):


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