Plotagon Videos on Transnational Feminism

Plotagon, launched in August 2013 by a Swedish start up and still in its beta version, cuts the effort needed to create animation by directly recreating a script into an animated film. The films can then be posted on Plotagon’s website, or on Youtube. Jennifer Musial, Visiting Assistant Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies, is putting the form to productive academic use by having her students make videos with solidly researched information. Students in the Transnational Feminisms class make videos based on their major research project.  Using Plotagon, each student creates a script featuring one character, an expert in the field, who must communicate research findings to a less knowledgeable character.  Students enjoy this creative way to convey their learning in the course. Leigh Ratino, a graduating senior in Environmental Science, created this one, a conversation about environmental racism.

For more Transnational Feminism Plotagon videos, check out the class blog.

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