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Google Cars & The Future of Transportation

Thought I’d post a video here for anyone that wasn’t aware that these advances have been made in the last few years:

Cars that drive themselves are safe, cool, and might be something that’s not just in iRobot or similar films. Would you like to these cars in PA? Also goes to show how awesome and smart everyone at Google is!

The Future of Gaming

I thought I’d do a quick write up on this topic as anyone interested in gaming should be a little alarmed when the hear the prospect of Apple dominating the gaming market. Not necessarily alarmed in a bad way, but at the very least surprised. No matter how small Apple might have considered the “PC Gamer” market, they did historically suffer loss of sales to anyone interested in using their computer for both general (email, web-browsing, word-docs, etc.) purposes, as well as gaming purposes. Macs simply did not support high end gaming. This might not exactly be changing, but gaming itself has certainly changed with a move away from PCs and to consoles. And soon, it might not even be consoles that are dominating gaming, it might be apps. Just look on the iPhone, millions of apps are sold each year through the iPhone to promote cheap, quick, simple games that people love playing. Are these anywhere as artful or deep as certain “classics” like Starcraft? Absolutely not. But they’re dominating a market of gamers interested in playing incredibly casual games for 20-30 minutes at a time on their iPhone and then putting said game down. The hardcores might not like it, but Apple has a strategy and it’s likely to work. Read the article below for a more in depth summary and share your thoughts, do you like this sort of project? Do you think this is the future of gaming by and large, or will “hardcores” still create enough of a market to develop more expensive and more in depth games for?

spring shopping apps

With winter coming to an end and spring just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about your warm weather wardrobe. Since there’s so many different websites and online stores out there it’s often hard to keep track of what clothes you want and where they’re from. Here are some apps to help you organize your spring shopping:

  1. Svpply: This app allows you to follow different stores and build collections of your favorite clothing, technology, media, home decor and art from all over the web. You can view your friends collections and publish yours on twitter, facebook or tumblr.
  2. Gilt: This app offers beautiful designer clothes at reduced prices as well as exclusive sales and offers not available on You can shop by color, size or category.
  3. Wanelo: Similar to Svpply, Wanelo provides an endless stream of unique products from all over the web selected by other users. You can save products to wishlists and collections. Wanelo links each product to the online store where you can purchase it.
  4. ShopSavvy: This app allows you to scan the barcode of an item and compares its price to other stores to find the lowest price. You can also shop for movies, electronics, books, video games and more right in the app.

Amazing NextGen graphic technologies for gaming and 3d productions.

It is unbelievable how fast the graphic media evolves. New methods used to create more and more realistic 3D models and environments are coming up nonstop.

These are some of the new technologies that will allow the graphic quality of games and movies to surpass their current level.

5 years ago, the graphic quality we have today would have been imposible to achieve… I wonder what we will have 5 years from now !

Here is the original note, provided by IGN:

What is a flame?

Ben Ames has the answer.  The winner of Alan Alda’s Flame Challenge, which challenged scientists to explain what a flame is in a way an 11 year could understand, put together this great video.

Also, checkout the interview with him and Alan Alda on Science Friday, The Winning Answer to a Burning Question. My favorite quote “I had never before been involved in something where my mind was so fully engaged” this from a Ph.D. candidate.

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