Stacked Stars

Excel file with jump patterns by equation (via two up/down arrows): 12a_StarSetsbyEquations

Excel file with manually input jump patterns (via entering 9 numbers): 12b_StarSetsManualEntry

Stacked Stars is a closed circuit file like the files in PART I,  unlike 10 and 11 . File 4 examines double jump patterns, and File 5 explores triple jump patterns on dodecagons. File 12 expands the reach to much larger polygons and allows up to 9 distinct jumps per set. Many of the images are reminiscent of doilies. Just like in PART 1, images can degenerate if the sum of a set of jumps has factors in common with n.

E18. These explainers start from the Excel files, but then move to the web model.

12.1, Introduction to Larger Jump Sets

12.2. Mystic Roses

12.3. Counting backwards

12.4.1 From VF to String Art with Larger Jump Sets

12.4.2 Just Tails, Asymmetric Suspension Curves, and Spirals

12.4.3 Fibonacci

12.5. Creating Videos

E20. Challenge Questions

CQ1 Really Sharp Triangles, Part I

CQ2 Really Sharp Triangles, Part II

CQ3 Golden Spiral Worked Challenge Question

CQ4 Bird Beak Questions