E16. There are multiple versions of file 4 and they are loaded up separately. 4.1 is the general version, see 4.2 for further details.

Excel file 1: 4.1_4 to 25_2Jump Polygons

Excel file 2: 4.2_4to24_2Jump Even Polygons Backwards Allowed on 4k+2

Excel file 3: 4.3_4to25_Both Jumps by Equation

4.1a. Lines, VCF and SCF adjustments: Calculating Lines with Jump Sets

4.1b. Vertex Frame Primer with Excel using the 6,2-star

4.1c. Visualizing VCF, SCF, and Image Density

Excel file for 4.1b and 4.1c: Primer on VF Vertex Jumps

4.1d. Revisiting Single-Step Images

4.2. Functionally Related Double Jump Models

4.3a. What do you do if you have an image you like? Kicking the tires of a nice image

4.3b. Porcupine-like images given jump sets: Needle Fans and Blade Fans

4.3c. Suggestive images, beyond porcupines. A Sampling of Images

4.4. Pentagonal People. 4.4. Pentagonal People

E20. Challenge questions: 4.Challenge Questions

Area Comparisons CQ