Aestheometry on Polygons and Stars

Excel File: 2.Aestheometry

Short Documents:

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The two worksheets in this file introduce the idea behind Aestheometry, or string art, on a polygon. The file adds two additional variables, S and P, to the two introduced in 1.Polygons and Stars, n and J. The first sheet, Subdivisions, focuses attention on S, the number of subdivisions between vertices (with P in the background) and the second sheet, Points, allows independent manipulation of S and P, the number of subdivisions between points. A wide range of images are possible as a result. The Points sheet includes click boxes that allow the user to show or hide attributes of the image as well as vertex labels. The vertex labels are useful for those interested in discussing various notions of symmetry.

There is no paper written for this file but the Short Documents above provide a reasonably complete view of what you need to understand this file. They can be thought of as short sections, suitable for use as handouts, that provide annotated primers on the distinction between subdivisions, S, and points, P as well as a discussion of a number of other topics. Many of the issues discussed in these documents apply to the other files in PART I, sometimes with minor modifications as will be noted on those files.