These materials have been created after Electronic String Art was completed. They assume familiarity with the material in ESA and simply push the material in different directions.

Generative Arts Erfle, Generative Art 2023, provides a 10-page overview of electronic string art.

Sequence Player mode, introduced in March 2024, scrolls through all P values where SCF = 1. This produces video sequences showing Waves of Images for any n, S, J values without the “flickering” discussed in E10.2.1. Here are a couple of explainers using Sequence Player. It is worth noting that this mode adjusts to changes in n, S, and J during while the sequence is playing but resets to 1 once P = 2000 is reached. It also resets to the Starting Points P value if that value changes (so an easy way to reset the sequence is to toggle between 1 and 2 as the Starting Points value). Additionally, there are a few images on the Picked Sequences page that provide even easier entertainment just by touching the image.