Excel file: 3.Centered Point Flowers 3 to 16

One page annotated vertex jump pattern handout:  3.Explaining Vertex Jump Pattern

One page discussion of lines calculation in this instance: 3.Lines Used and SCF

Challenge questions using the S = 4, P = 5, n = 3 image: 3.Challenge Questions

Area challenge questions: 3.Area Challenge Questions

Comparative challenge questions: 3.Challenge Questions about Point Order and Relative Image Size

I created this file so that I could obtain flowers that were not even petaled. After each jump to the next vertex we go to the center of the circle then back to that vertex before going to the next vertex around the circle. Referring to vertices by number, the pattern starts out at the top vertex (which we always call 0), and goes: 0 to 1 to Center to 1 to 2 to Center to 2 to 3 to … to n-1 to 0 to Center and back to 0. The jump pattern handout provides additional detail on the jump pattern.

The next file shows you an alternative way to create flowers when n is even.

There is no paper written at this point for this file but there are a number of handouts and questions that will point the reader in interesting directions.