E.Part III. An Overview of the next few files: Variations on the String Art model

E15. There is no web version of Centered-Point Flowers. Here is the Excel file: Centered-Point Flowers 3to16

3a. Primer on Jumps: Explaining CPF Vertex Jump Pattern

3b Primer on Lines and SCF:  SCF and Lines Used in CPF

3c1. Subdivision Patterns: Explaining Subdivision Patterns

3c2. Exploring the ratio of P to S

3d. Why some points have more lines than others?

3e1. Images when P is a multiple of S: Variations on the vertex frame

3e2a. P = 2S images: Even and Odd Spikes

3e2b. Spiked Images, Take 2

3f. Functionally Related Images

3g. Some Examples: SCF = 1 Images   and   SCF greater than 1

E20. Challenge questions using the S = 4, P = 5, n = 3 image: 3.Challenge Questions

Area challenge questions: 3.Area Challenge Questions

Comparative challenge questions: 3.Challenge Questions about Point Order and Relative Image Size

I created this file so that I could obtain flowers that were not even petaled (since with even n, one can do this using jump sets as shown in the next file). After each jump to the next vertex we go to the center of the circle then back to that vertex before going to the next vertex around the circle. Referring to vertices by number, the pattern starts out at the top vertex (which we always call 0), and goes: 0 to 1 to Center to 1 to 2 to Center to 2 to 3 to … to n-1 to 0 to Center and back to 0 where the circuit is completed. Explainers provide detail on what this implies for images using this three-step process of moving between vertices one by one.

There is NO web version of this file, the only way to play with these images is to use the Excel file provided above.

The next file shows you an alternative way to create flowers when n is even.