Dec 2020


Glossen is a peer reviewed, bi-lingual, German-American scholarly journal on literature, art, and culture in the German-speaking countries after 1945.

Glossen has been published since 1996. It contains scholarly articles, original literary texts in German or in English, images, audio, and video representations. The journal appears usually two times per year and encourages contributions of scholarly and creative nature which take advantage of the online format.

Glossen, located on a server at Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA, is an independent journal published by an international team of contributors and editors. ISSN 1093-6025


Editorial Team: Sarah McGaughey (Carlisle, Pennsylvania) and Janine Ludwig (Bremen, Germany)
E-mail Address: glossenjournal(at)


Glossen also features an ongoing series “Recent Posts,” which focuses on topical and current events, personal experiences, and other forms of intellectual communication. We welcome your suggestions for new posts!

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