Aug 2010

Authors Agreement

This Agreement, effective ____/____/____, is by and between Glossen and
___________________________________________(“Author”). The Author agrees that:
1. Author has created an original work entitled:
__________________________________________________________ _________
(the”Work”) and owns the copyright to the Work.
2. Author recognizes that the publication of the Work is contingent upon its being of satisfactory quality in the judgment of the editors of Glossen, and the decision whether to publish the Work lies in the sole and final discretion of the editors of Glossen.
3. Author guarantees that the Work has not been previously published in whole or in part in electronic form.
4. Author guarantees that the work in no way infringes on any copyright or proprietary rights of others and that the Work does not contain anything unlawful, libelous or in violation of any right of privacy.
5. Author agrees to hold Glossen, its editors, and its server provider, Dickinson College, free from any and all liability, expenses, or damages arising out of the contents of the Work or the fact that the Work is published by Glossen.
6. Author hereby grants to Glossen a worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, fully-paid up, royalty-free license to publish the Work in Glossen, its electronic archive, its paper archive, or any collection of Glossen materials in any form whatsoever. Glossen shall have the right to include the Work as part of its collection available on CD-ROM, disks, paper or any other form.
7. Author agrees not to publish the Work in any other electronic journal in the same or similar form as the Work, without acknowledging prior publication in Glossen.
8. This Agreement is not binding unless the Work is accepted for publication in Glossen.
9. Author warrants that s/he has the full power and authority to enter into this Agreement and to grant the rights described in this Agreement.

2 responses to “Authors Agreement”

  1. Timm R Menke says:

    I have a copyright question. I published an article in “Glossen 25” in 2007.
    “Westdeutsche Familiengeschichte. Gerhard Henschels Romane”.

    Do I need Glossen’s permission to republish it elsewhere and giving credit to “Glossen” for the original publication?
    Please advise.

    Timm Menke

    Prof. Em. German
    Portland State University
    Portland, OR 97207

  2. jludwig says:

    Dear Prof. Menke,

    Please accept my sincere apologies for the late reply. Due to the summer break, I did not see your request in time. Of course, we give you permission to re-publish your text, assuming you will give “Glossen” credit for the original publication, just like you described.

    We thank you very much for contacting us and wish you all the best for this publication.

    Warm regards,
    Janine Ludwig