Jan 2019

Editorial Policy and Submissions

The web-based journal Glossen is published by a team of scholars on a server at Dickinson College. It is a bi-lingual, peer-reviewd online journal. Manuscripts may be written in German or English.


Manuscripts and other materials should normally be submitted as an attachment to an e-mail. The submission to Glossen should be sent to either Sarah McGaughey (mcgaughs (at) dickinson.edu) or to Janine Ludwig (ludwigj (at) dickinson.edu), Managing Editors of Glossen.


Scholarly articles are to be prepared in accordance with our style sheets: Glossen – Style Sheet english – Sep 2020 JL; Glossen – Style Sheet deutsch – Sep 2020 JL. Typically, contributions should be at most 20 pages long, preferably shorter. We welcome the use of graphic materials, sound, and video clips.


Materials submitted to Glossen may be duplicated or reprinted elsewhere if the original author agrees and if the original source (author and Glossen) is acknowledged. Copyright for individual contributions to Glossen remains with the authors unless indicated otherwise.


Manuscripts are accepted for review with the understanding that they have not been previously published.


Submissions of materials to Glossen should be accompanied by the Authors Agreement, which can be downloaded from Glossen here.

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