Dec 2020

Editors and Board


Managing Editors | glossenjournal(at)
Janine Ludwig (Germany)
Academic Director, Durden Dickinson in Bremen Program
Contributing Faculty Member of German, Dickinson College

Sarah McGaughey (USA)
Associate Professor of German, Dickinson College

Editorial Staff | Dickinson College Dana Research Assistants
Abby Jones (AY 2022-23)
Sofia Perrone (Spring 2022)
Nick Rickert (Fall 2021)


Technical Support and Tech Guru
Todd Bryant (USA)
Dickinson College


Advisory Board

Gabrielle Alioth (Ireland)

Michael Augustin (Germany)
Author at Radio Bremen
michael.augustin (at)

Gerrit-Jan Berendse (UK)
Professor of European Studies, Cardiff University
berendsegj (at)

Heinz Blumensath (Germany)
Independent screenwriter and director at E-Motion, Film & Video Production, Berlin
heinz (at)

Michael Blumenthal (USA)
Author and Professor of Law at West Virginia University
no e-mail available

Ingo Cornils (UK)
Senior Lecturer in German, University of Leeds
i.cornils (at)

Christine Cosentino-Dougherty (USA)
Professor II of German, Rutgers University
cdougher (at)

Gabriele Eckart (USA)
Author and Professor of Global Cultures and Languages, Southeast Missouri State University
geckart (at)

Michael Eskin (USA)
Author and cofounder and Vice President of Upper West Side Philosophers, Inc. – Studio & Publishing
no e-mail available

Silke Falkner (Canada)
Associate Professor, German Studies, University of Saskatchewan
silke.falkner (at)

Gisela Holfter (Ireland)
Senior Lecturer in German, University of Limerick
Gisela.holfter (at)

Elke-Vera Kotowski (Germany)
Research Associate and Coordinator of the Walther Rathenau Graduate Program, Moses Mendelssohn Zentrum, Europäisch-Jüdische Studien, Universität Potsdam
no e-mail available

Marko Martin (Germany)
Author and publisher
no e-mail available

Hans Mayer (Germany)
Author and independent scholar
no e-mail available

Stephan Resch (New Zealand)
Senior Lecturer in German, The University of Auckland
s.resch (at)

Jay Rosellini (USA)
Professor, Department of World Languages and Cultural Studies, Suffolk University Boston
jrosellini (at)

Anna Rosmus (USA)
no e-mail available

Kerstin Steitz (USA)
Assistant Professor, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Old Dominion University
ksteitz (at)

Rainer Stollmann (Germany)
Professor of Cultural Theory and Cultural History in Cultural Studies, University of Bremen
stollman (at)

Peter Wortsman (USA)
Author and translator
no e-mail available

Fred Viebahn (USA)
Author and translator
no e-mail available

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