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I spy a llama in Millard Park

August 21, 2009 · No Comments

This morning we took a combination water and walking tour. We took an enjoyable voyage down the Thames that provided a number of opportunities for photos. After disembarking in Greenwich we climbed the hill to the Meridian Line and enjoyed the two museums found at the top of the hill. The first provided insight on the difficulties sailors faced before ships could accurately keep time. The second had an illuminating show in the planetarium. I was struck by the importance that we place upon time in our society and how our every action is dictated by what time it is. After visiting the Meridian Line and Observatory we commenced with a walking tour of the area that included a walk down the Thames and a visit to the Greenwich University.

After our walking tour and lunch Kim, Alli, Sarah, and myself stayed in the area to explore the Greenich Market and the local churches. The Greenwich Market was a a fabolous mix of booths and stores. Some were typical flee market booths and others sold organic teas, jewelry, framed photographs, and ethnic cuisine. The market was U-shaped with permanent stores on the three sides making up a courtyard that was filled with rows of booths. After leaving the market we crossed under the Thames to catch the DLR and were distracted by the park directly across the street from the station. My original impression of the park was a playground to the side for children and then a wide open field bordered by a walking path, however less than halfway around the path was the entrance to another side of Millard Park. After entering we found that this side of the park was home to a stable and various animal enclosures. We found sheep, horses, cows, llamas, and one lone pig who was very friendly with Kim. The area was mostly hilly fields and in the background you could see the London skyline, underlining the fact that we were still within London.

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