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The Norwich Cathedral Easter Experience, Day 2!

May 8, 2011 · No Comments

April 13: 10-3:30, Norwich Cathedral, Supervised by Juliet Corbett

On the second day of the Easter Experience, I had the same job as the previous day: supervising the crafts table. Again, I had a great time with the kids and their parents. It was really interesting watching the interfamilial interactions, and I was able to infer some things about the community based on my observations. I was interested to learn how far-reaching information about the event spread; it seems that many people came a decent distance to come to the Cathedral today and a lot of families who don’t normally come into town ventured over to participate. At first it was surprising just how many people came to a religious activity but, since the Church of England is such a prominent institution, it began to make sense.

Today, after the Experience was over, we helped clean up the area and carried some things away for storage. I’m so glad I decided to volunteer again (and to help clean up) because, in doing so, the coordinator Juliet decided to take us on a tour of some of the parts of the Cathedral that are inaccessible to the general public. We got to see the old classrooms in the Cathedral and explore the triforium, which was amazing!

Photo courtesy of Stephenie McGucken

Photo courtesy of Stephenie McGucken

Juliet, as well as the other Cathedral staff, was amazing and friendly and not at all what I expected from someone who works at a religious institution. Everyone was so welcoming and really made volunteering a wonderful experience.

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