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For my volunteer project I wrote three articles for Norfolk CAMra, or the Campaign for Real Ale. The organization works to promote real ale in pubs and support local breweries. I spoke with a representative of the organization and we decided that doing pub reviews would be helpful for their magazine entitled ‘Norfolk Nips.’

March 21st 19:45-21:00 at Warren Wordsworth’s House in Norwich
We talked about the nature of my project and what sort of writing was possible for Norfolk Nips, I explained my credentials and my willingness to write on any topic and we finally decided that pub reviews would be good for the magazine. The way in which Warren invited me into his home, on his free time, to discuss the idea really speaks to his personal commitment to his organization, as well as to the organization’s effort as a whole. He was genuinely excited to talk about the articles and it appeared that having a young person interested in the real ale movement was very important to him. It is a testament to the pride that Norwich has in its local businesses (specifically pubs and breweries of course).
Total Hours 1:15
April 11th 12:30-13:30 in my room in Norwich.
Planning my route and reading pub reviews to decide which three pubs would provide nice diverse articles and could be walked to in a reasonable time.
TH 2:15
April 11th 14:30-20:00 Between Trafford Arms Pub, The Plough, The White Lion
Hour spent taking notes on pubs appearance, wine and beer selection, meal selection and sampling one real ale in each(which I review in my article). This was a very nice experience because I visited pubs which people from the city, rather than the university, regularly attend. In analyzing the pubs I visited I came to appreciate the businesses and the effort they are making to keep business local and provide Norwich with comfortable social gathering places. I had extended conversations with locals for the first time this year I believe, and it was a very enjoyable experience. My friends and I met some people we hope to see again at the White Lion, as we talked for over an hour and even went to a kebab shop together afterwards.
TH 7:45
April 25th 10:00-10:30 in Ancy Le Franc, Burgundy
I brought the Norfolk Nips current issue with me and studied it to figure out the sort of length my project should be and also in order to determine what my articles should contain to have value to the magazine. That is, what information will be pertinent as well as unique.
May 5th, 13:45-15:30 in Eurostar Terminal Gare Du Nord, Paris.
Reviewing notes, creating outline. Wrote description of the Plough and Trafford arms. Decided on main concepts of Trafford Arms article- that it is formal, fine and has highish prices and not the best beer selection.
May 5th 18:00-20:30 on Norwich to London train (delayed between Stowmarket and Diss)
Wrote much of White Lion article in journal. Reviewed the beer I tried and gave detailed description. Determined some research to be done.
May 6th 16:30-18:30 in my room
Devised format for articles—4 sections. 1- structure and appearance of pub 2-commentary on structure as it applies to the focus of the pub 3- beer selection including locality, price and variation, real ales and amount of gravity/pump beers, etc 4- Other major offering of the pubs including hot food and other drinks, what that says about the pub 5- review of the beer which I tried. Also wrote rough draft of Trafford Arms article.
May 7th 15:00-23:00 (with a half hour dinner break in between) in my room
Editing, transferring work from notebook to laptop, writing Plough article, finishing each article and putting into proper format, researching beer locality and reading up on websites for additional information. Writing the ‘other’ section of each article, writing about the bar location and what that means for a pub, etc etc etc.
TH 22:00

My work with CAMra actually doesn’t stop now. I’m going to write an article about the ‘City of Ale’ festival in late May and Warren and I have spoken about a continued correspondence, in which I write articles about local beer movements in my area, when I return to the states, provided my articles are liked.

The main website for Norwich CAMra.

Check this out for awards winning pubs and ales if you are interested.

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