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The Thames and Greenwich

August 21, 2009 · No Comments

Upon leaving the hotel at 8:30 sharp we went to the Goodge Tube stop and took the tube to Embankment. We then walked down to the boat launch were we were to get on the boat. Prof. Qualls then led a discussion about the Thames and its importance in the development and history of London.
The “Embankment” reminded me of home. Being from Pittsburgh I have a lot of experience with rivers. Before this trip I did not realize why rivers were channeled by large cement walls.
We then went onto the boat and started the journey down the Thames. During the boat ride I took MANY pictures that I have finally finished uploading onto facebook.
When we exited the boat in Greenwich we started the long and exhausting trip to the observatory. At the top of the hill we saw an amazing parametric view of the city. We then took pictures on the Prime Meridian. I am having a really hard grasping the fact that I was standing on the Prime Meridian mostly because I am having a hard time realizing that I have left America. Having never been on a plane before this experience, went I think of the miles I have traveled I am in complete and utter disbelief.
After that we quickly walked through the clock museum, stopping to look at what the time was at home on the globe and placing our finger tips on over our homes.
After that we went to the planetarium show. The presenter was absolutely hilarious!! He started the presentation by instructing us to go home and look at the sky from our “garden”. He then started talking about what the stars look like from the London perspective. This made me wounder what constellations I would be able to see from my backyard.
Today I learned that I know nothing about my home. Every time I learn something knew about London I wonder about home. I have probably learned more in the past two days in London than I have spending all my life in Pittsburgh.

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