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Rachel and Ben Go To Barbican

August 26, 2010 · 3 Comments

Upon departure from our safe haven at the Arran House, we attempted to navigate the streets of London to no avail. While aimlessly wandering, we stumbled upon such landmarks as the British Museum and the University of London, essentially touring the greater London area for a thorough hour. After questioning a few pedestrians and going in the wrong direction on more than one occasion, eventually we made it to the Euston Square Tube Station. We boarded the train and set out for the Barbican stop located on the Metropolitan Line.

The name Barbican was chosen for the train station in 1968 as an alternative to the former name of “Aldersgate”, renamed for the famous Barbican Centre, the largest performing arts centre in all of Europe.

The general feeling of the Barbican area of London was a sophisticated, high class, multi faceted slice of society in which the arts and business thrive. We visited the Barbican Centre, a beautiful achievement in the arts (among them, surrealistic modern art, dance, music, and theater). We briefly viewed an exhibit that was on display courtesy of John Bock. In the back of the Centre was a great fountain display accompanied by hipsters and coffee shop-goers lined with elegant churchlike buildings from the days of old. When we made our way further towards the Business and Commercial area of Barbican, we found many towering, glass company buildings. Even further down the road we encountered many shops before we embarked on the journey home via the Tube.

On the way back we enjoyed a scrumptious local Italian-ish dinner at a restaurant near the Euston train station. After the meal, we hopped back on the train and took the Northern Line of the Tube from the Euston station to the Goodge St. station, and returned safely home to the Arran House (in the pouring rain).

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  •   Karl // Aug 26th 2010 at 16:45

    Add the categories for your names and some photos. Future posts can also include links to further information, like the Barbican Centre. You might need some more work with the maps. If you got to the British Museum, you walked in the opposite direction from Euston Square tube. Also, it would have been quicker to walk from Euston Station tube than to ride to Goodge and then walk to the hotel.
    Not bad for a first post and walking adventure.

  •   brownrac // Aug 27th 2010 at 20:51

    I don’t see my name in the categories side bar… how am I supposed to tag myself?

  •   brownrac // Sep 8th 2010 at 17:41

    How do you tag things in a post that’s already been posted?

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