Vladimir Petrushevsky

An Archive

May 27th, 1915

Вчера немцы перешли в наступление, и около 5 часов вечера нас вызвали на позицию. До 11 часов вечера я с 1-ым полуэкскадроном был в прикрытии к пулеметам. Ночь мы провели сидя у костра. Я приказал расседлать коней, мы хоть и в прикрытии, но впереди нас пехота. До 10 часов утра ничего особенного не случилось. Зато на западной стороне озера целую ночь шел бой.

Yesterday, the Germans went on the offensive, and around 5 pm we were called to our position. Until 11 pm I was with the First Half-Squadron covering our machine guns. We spent the night sitting by the bonfire. I ordered the horses to be unsaddled, since although we are under cover, there is infantry in front of us. Nothing in particular happened until 10 am. However, on the west side of the lake, a battle raged all night.