Vladimir Petrushevsky

An Archive

September 19th, 1916

Эскадрон стоит по хуторам. Утром вода на лужах замерзшая, днем шел снег, град и дождь. Сегодня прекратилось общее довольствие офицеров эскадрона, так как все живут по отдельности. Я живу один. Довольствие стоило 60 рублей: 2 блюда в будни и 3 – в праздники.

The squadron is stationed at farmsteads. The water was frozen in puddles this morning and snow, hail, and ice fell this afternoon. Today the squadron officers stopped receiving a common allowance, since we are all living separately. I am living alone. My allowance was worth 60 rubles: 2 meals on weekdays and 3 on feast days.