Berlin Excursion

DDR Museum

Our Berlin excursion began with a look into the past by visiting the DDR museum and meeting a well-known figure from that time. First, we enjoyed the immersive experience the museum offered about life in the German Democratic Republic – East Germany. Afterwards, we had the chance to receive first-hand insights from Dr. Hans Modrow, the last chairman of the DDR Council of

Meeting with Hans Modrow (middle)

Ministers. We also visited the infamous Stasi prison “Hohenschönhausen” and the Stasi archives in the former central building of this seceret service – where the office of its last chief, Erich Mielke, is still intact. A tour through the underground Cold War bunkers rounded up this trip into the times of the once divided city.


In the Reichstag (parliament)

Later in the week, we turned to current political times by visiting both the Chancellery and the “Reichstag” with a guided tour. We were allowed entry to the state department (Auswärtiges Amt) where we met the referent of the governmental Coordinator for Transatlantic Cooperation who not only answered our questions on the current state of German-American relations, but even showed us around the house and took us to the roof to enjoy a wonderful view.

Besides, we seized the opportunity to entertain ourselves with the extensive activities and sights Berlin has to offer, e.g. East Side Gallery, Museum Island, Deutsches Historisches Museum, christmas market, and, of course, the Brandenburg Gate.