Welcoming our Spring Students!

On Saturday, we said “Willkommen!” to our new Spring Semester students. We are excited to have you here in Bremen!

(In the photos, you can see -from the left- our students Noah, Riley, and Gabe, Dickinson-in-Bremen alumnus Mac, student mentor Sophie, student Grear, and academic director Dr. Janine Ludwig.)

Webinar: Putin – The Engima by Professor Janine Ludwig

“Who is Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, the president of the Russian Federation who is waging a war against Ukraine — and, as he claims, against the “collective West”? Why is he doing all of this?”

Professor Janine Ludwig, academic director of the Durden Dickinson in Bremen Program, will discuss these topics in the free Webinar ”Putin – The Enigma“ on Tuesday, September 26 at 12pm EDT (6pm CEST).

You may find more information and the chance to register for free (until September 24) here: https://our.dickinson.edu/24aewebinarputin

📸 https://www.pexels.com/de-de/foto/fokusfotografie-der-weissen-maske-2375034/

Time to say Goodbye: Farewell Dinner 2023

An insight into our (very yummy) farewell dinner in mid-July. It’s hard to believe, but unfortunately, our students’ time in Bremen is already over. We hope that you enjoyed your time here and that you take with you many unforgettable memories. We wish you all the best for your future, whether in your further studies, career or personal goals. If you ever get homesick for Germany in the future, you are always welcome to visit us in Bremen!


This year’s OPEN CAMPUS was a blast. Inspired by the motto “Open worlds – share knowledge” around 20.000 guests were not only able to learn more about the Uni itself and its institutes through lectures and guided tours, but also enjoy some great music in a festival-like setting in the evening. We’re already excited for the next year!

Independence Day Dinner 2023

We hope you had a great Independence Day!  Here are some moments we captured at the Independence Day Dinner organised by the Carl Schurz Deutsch-Amerikanischer Club e.V. at the Restaurant “Waldbühne”.

Renewal of the cooperation between Dickinson College and the University of Bremen

In April 2023, the Durden Dickinson Bremen Program welcomed a special guest from Carlisle in order to renew the long-standing cooperation between Dickinson College and the University of Bremen.

The Associate Provost and Executive Director of the Center for Global Study and Engagement (CGSE), Samantha Brandauer, came to Bremen for a few days on behalf of Dickinson College in order to renew the cooperation with the University of Bremen. This collaboration has existed since 1984/85 and has resulted in a successful Study Abroad Program. As a symbol of the two institutions’ ongoing friendship many red Adirondack chairs of the same kind as on Dickinson’s campus have been placed on the meadows of the University of Bremen over the past years.

On April 27, the new contract between the two institutions was signed by the President Prof. Dr. Jutta Günther, in the presence of Vice President Dr. Mandy Boehnke and Samantha Brandauer, pledging that both institutions intend to continue their partnership for the next decades.

To mark the occasion, the last two red “Dickinson chairs“ were unveiled during a ceremony by Samantha Brandauer and Prof. Dr. Jutta Günther. They serve as a representation of the past decades and represent the German-American exchange.

The ceremony was also attended by Dr. Janine Ludwig, the Academic Director of the Durden Dickinson Bremen Program, Dr. Mandy Boehnke and Dickinson students currently studying in Bremen, along with former exchange students, as well as former and future Overseas-Student-Assistants (OSAs).



Photos by Matej Meza and Silke Prangemeier.

Renewal of the cooperation between Dickinson College and the University of Bremen

Hello there! We’ve got some exciting news that we want to share with you: Last Thursday, April 27, a renewal of the cooperation between Dickinson College and the University of Bremen took place. After the signing of the contract, two new red Adirondacks, or Dickinson chairs as they are called in Bremen, were unveiled in a festive ceremony by Prof. Dr. Jutta Günther (President of the University of Bremen) and Samantha Brandauer (Associate Provost & Executive Director of CGSE at Dickinson). Furthermore, Dr. Mandy Boehnke (Vice President of the University of Bremen) and Dr. Janine Ludwig (Academic Director of the DiB Program), as well as some of our former and future OSAs/exchange students joined the event. We would like to thank everyone who was involved in the planning and implementation of this special day. We are looking forward to a great collaboration in the years to come!